Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Perfect Timing

Just when I think my homesickness is too much to bear...a package arrives or someone calls and says just the right words or someone comes to visit me. These last two weeks have been really hard for me. I miss having my family around a Christmas time. There's so much here to see and I just wish I could show it all to them. I know their faces would just light up with excitement...I know mine does. A few weeks ago I got a package from my mom...it had some of my hoodies in it. Plus she sent me another box...the other box had some of my Christmas decorations in it!! AND AND it had a DVD of Miracle on 34th St. (the new one). For those of you who do not know me, this is my favorite Christmas movie and I can literally quote it line for line! I've already watched it 4 times. What a great day! The next day I got a package from Monga (my grandmother). I go to the Methodist Church Thanksgiving dinner every year with Monga and Ponga. I come from a small town where everyone knows everyone and going with Monga and Ponga is like going to the Homecoming dance with the Prom King and Queen. They know EVERYONE!! It's so fun and one of the highlights of the holiday season. Another reason to go to the Methodis Church Thanksgiving dinner is Mr. Whitten's peanut brittle. Mind you, I am not a peanut brittle fan...but Mr. Whitten makes the most heavenly concoction of sugar and peanuts and kyro syrup my lips have ever tasted. I also look forward to the peanut brittle every year. So, in my abscence, Monga bought an extra bag of brittle and mailed it to me...with a note attached saying only, "We missed you." I missed it too! I got another package from my Mom and Aspen the day before Thanksgiving. (She's a package sending MACHINE!!) In it was a cinnamon roll scented candle and mosiac candle holder, some festive post-it notes and the White Christmas DVD. It was a great Thanksgiving present!

And, as if it couldn't get any better...Chyanne, my best friend, came to see me for Thanksgiving. It was so good to see her! Our friendship has lasted through many changes and many years. While we did meet in high school, we didn't actually become friends until after graduation. But when it clicked, it just clicked. I don't know what I'd do without her...she's been my rock for many years, and many problems. Plus, we couldn't be any more different. She works very hard on her parents dairy everyday, while I prefer not to get dirty and work at a desk all day. She loves the country, I love the city. I could go on and on about our differences, but you get the point. I was so glad she was here for my first holiday away from home. She made Thanksgiving-sans-the-family much more bearable. While things didn't go exactly as I had planned, we did have a good time. But we would've had a good time regardless of what we were doing. The weather was miserable most of the time she was here...then on the day she left, it got up to 65! Plus, I haven't been sick since April...but when do I get sick? The day Chyanne gets here!! Ugh, I can't win! It was so good to see her and just catch up on hours of girl talk. I loved every second of it!

We went to Thanksgiving at Lisa's Mother-in-laws house. It was nice, but definitely different than I usually spend Thanksgiving. It felt more like dinner at a friends house than Thanksgiving lunch with close family. We both decided it was better that way. I think I would've missed my family even more, had it felt anything like any Thanksgiving with my family. So, while it was not how I normally spend the day, it was a nice change and it was nice to have my best friend there to share it with. Thanks for coming, Chyanne! I can't wait to do the whole week over again...hopefully sooner rather than later!

Monday, November 13, 2006

House Sitting

This weekend I was charged with house sitting for Yvonne while she and her family went on vacation. This included feeding Harley (an 8 year old Siamese cat) and Brooklyn (a 4 month old Siamese kitten) and One Fish (which is acutally Red Fish, but the kids still think it's One Fish...it's a long story). I got to crash in their house for the weekend and eat all their food and watch their movies. It was great!

I had forgotten how mischievious kittens can be. I guess I'm so used to being around Roxanne who's 3 and a half, that I forget she ever was a crazy little kitten. Brooklyn was into everything! And she ran all over the house wreaking havoc in her path. It was pretty funny to watch. When I got to the house, she had dumped over the glass vase on the dining room table full of glass beads. Those things were all over the dining room. I'm just lucky the vase didn't break, I'm sure it was expensive. Both girls were very talkative though. Harley never really warmed up to me and did most of her talking in the form of hissing. I tried not to take it personally, I wouldn't like someone new in my house either. They both would follow me around the house and stay in the room where I was. I even had an audience for my showers. On Saturday night I was sleeping and I moved my leg, only to hear a faint yelp. Brooklyn had shimmied her way under the covers and was sleeping next to my leg before I accidentally kicked her. They made me laugh.

So I had this huge house to myself and a cubbard full of food and I had no idea what to do with it all. Three floors of space was hard to get used to when in my house I have everything within 3 feet of me. And the food...where to start. Well, while it was all there, I unfortunately, am no chef and had NO clue what to do with it. It was a little overwhelming. Maybe I should ask Yvonne to leave me a few recipes next time. I spent most of the weekend eating macaroni and cheese, cereal, and leftover Halloween candy.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What Fall is Supposed to Look Like

I took this picture on Saturday. It's the front of my house, and it's never looked more beautiful. Look at that tree...it mushrooms my house into a house built for Thumblina. Fall in Virginia is NOT the same as fall in New Mexico! I love driving to work every morning or driving up to Lisa's house, and seeing all the beautiful trees of yellow and orange and red. It's so exquisite! I love it!

This past weekend, I got my hair did (that one's for you Mom!) by Yvonne's very French hair dresser, Jean-Paul. He wasn't what I expected at all, but he was very good at his craft. He did a very good job, I just wanted it a little shorter. I'll post a picture as soon as I take a decent one, I promise.

This upcoming weekend I am charged with watching Yvonne's 2 cats and 1 Fish...plus I get to crash at their house. It should be fun. I went to their house on Sunday to get the low down on where everything is and get a key to the house. As I was driving through her area of town, I realized I really miss it. I used to live just a few miles up the street from Yvonne and I love the area. Sigh. Yvonne showed me around and told me where all the cats food and treats were. Then she said the magic words, "Eat anything in the fridge, it will all be good to eat." I can't wait!! Food...from the foodies! Bonus, I have Friday off, so I think I'll just stay at Yvonne's and eat myself silly!

I guess I better get to work. I'll try and post again soon!

PS-Get out an VOTE today!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

This Post is Dedicated to the Birthday Girl

Today is my older, wiser, stronger sister's birthday. I could say a lot of things about Aspen...she's smart, she's quite funny, she's breathtakingly beautiful, but the first thing that comes to mind is, great mom. She's had a lot of tears and she's had to learn a lot of hard lessons this past year. But through it all she's kept her chin up, as my mother would say, and done everything she knew to do to give my nephew the best care possible. In my opinion, she has done a fabulous job, but I could be a bit biased. Aspen is my best friend and is also my sister...what a two-fer, eh! It's been a very tough year for her and hopefully this anniversary of her birth will bring about a year of renewal. So, here's to you Aspen...the best sister a girl could ask for! I love you more and more everyday.