Friday, August 19, 2011

The Adventure Continues…

The last few days have been a blur. The short list of things I’ve done include touring a macadamia nut farm, having lunch with a local, visiting the museum of books, visiting a museum of arts that included a look at one of the most magnificent hotels I’ve ever seen. I’m really enjoying my Spanish classes in the mornings. And I love that the afternoons are my own. Every afternoon I wonder the streets, just seeing what I can see. So far I’ve discovered some really cool things on my own. On my afternoon walks I often wander into a local restaurant for an afternoon snack and beverage. There are so many great places to eat here and I don’t want to miss out on trying them all…or at least several of them.

The macadamia nut farm was pretty cool. I had no idea the process was so time consuming, but could also be done almost completely off the grid. After the tour, we got macadamia nut pancakes smothered in macadamia nut butter…they were pretty dreamy. But the best part of the farm was the bathroom. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how cool can a bathroom really be? But this one was pretty amazing. The “room” was completely covered in plant life and flowers and the walls were made of bamboo shoots. When I walked in, the sun was shining through the shoots directly onto the throne, if you will. It was just beckoning me to come and stay. All I could think was, I’m pretty sure I could come up with some brilliant ideas in here. My friend said it best, “It looks like what the bathroom in the Garden of Eden would have been like.” See for yourself! It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Wednesday afternoon there was a big soccer game going on and I decided I’d go check it out in a nearby restaurant. The game was between Barcelona and Madrid and it was a lively affair, to be sure. They love their soccer around here. When Barcelona scored, the whole place erupted. The bartender climbed a few shelves on the bookshelf and started banging a drum and spinning a noisemaker and howling up a storm. It was great fun to watch and be a part of.

Before going to watch the game, I stopped in at the museum of books. I thought it would be cool, considering my background and I heard they had the first printing press in Central America. Well, let me save you a trip and save you 30 Quetsales. It was so lame. Just a whole bunch of old books. Then when I got to the press, I was so excited! It did look pretty cool. But then I saw the sign that said it was merely a replica. WHAT? It wasn’t even the real thing? I was so irritated. So far, the lowlight of Guate.

Yesterday I had lunch with Desiree. She owns an art gallery and shop here in Guatemala. Her house is directly behind her shop, so it was easy to find. When I suggested we have lunch last week, I assumed we would just go somewhere, and I could buy her lunch. When I arrived, she said lunch wasn’t ready yet but that we would have a drink on the patio while we waited. I felt horrible! I didn’t intend for her to have to make me lunch. But she said it was no problem…that they make lunch for everyone. We had a lovely lunch and have already scheduled several other outings. Next Thursday I’m going to go to mass with her whole family, then return to her house for a tamale feast. I’m SO excited about this! I feel like I’ve made a good friend for life in her. She wants to take me under her wing and show me all Guatemala has to offer…and I think I will let her.

After leaving Desiree’s house, I went looking for trouble and found a great art museum/hotel in the meantime. It was so incredible; words (and even pictures) can’t grasp the coolness of it. I stumbled upon the backside of the hotel which was the art museum part. I decided I’d check it out. The museum was cool…you know, just a regular museum. And then I rounded the corner. I saw the amazing ruins which had been incorporated into the structure. There was a church and a ruin fountain that was actually working and even a restaurant built right into the ruins. It was so beautiful to see. The picture is of the church that was half ruins and half outdoor tent. The greenery and plants were all so beautiful and there were even parrots (real live parrots!!) perched in several places just chirping up a storm. I think that’s called paradise.


At Friday, August 19, 2011, Anonymous alowetta said...

beautiful parrots!

At Wednesday, August 24, 2011, Anonymous Aspen said...

Garden of Eden bathroom and Paradise church/museum. Beautiful!


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