Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Luck Be A Lady

I know I know...I haven't posted in literally months. Sorry, inspiration has been in short supply as of late. I'll give you the short version of the last few months...

I went home for a much needed break from the city. My family was, as usual, amazing! I practically trampled the girl who was in the way of me and trying to get to my parents at the airport. She didn't stand a chance. I was home for 10 short days. We got a huge snow storm which meant some of my relatives got to stay longer than they intended. Luckily for me, my trip wasn't delayed at all. I got to spend tons of time with my brothers and sister and my nieces and nephew. They've all grown so much since the last time I saw them! (Not my brothers and sister, mind you...the kids...the kids grew) I also got to spend some quality time with my best friends. What would I do without my Chyanne and The Core? Well, if you don't know, I certainly don't know! It was a great time...and not nearly long enough.

And now, well now I'm in the mid-winter blues. You know those the-holidays-are-over-and-I have-nothing-to-look-forward-to-and-it's-still-cold-outside blues? Heck, I may even start listening to Christmas music again just to get a little pep in my step. But... my friend Sarah has said that 2007 is our year...and I am almost convinced. I decided before Christmas that after the break I would get a second job to help pay off some of my debt. I've learned the hard way, Government work doesn't pay a whole lot. And I've also learned, living in the DC area isn't cheap. I just got hired on at the Starbucks up the block from my house. So I'm working some hours on the weekend serving coffee. I guess the irony of it all is when I worked at a small coffee shop back in New Mexico...and I HATED it! I was counting down the days until I could get out of that place. It's funny how things work out sometimes because I'm SOOOO excited about my Starbucks job.

I also just got a promotion at work. I start in my new position on Monday. I have to admit, I am very nervous and apprehensive about my new responsibilities. Lots and lots of writing and research are required...neither of which are my strong suits. But I have many friends and family who have put their faith in me and I'm going to have to believe them. My mom always said...fake it till you make it. So I'll be fakin for a while.

The good stuff still keeps rollin from the family too. Between my mom and auntie Alowetta, I could open up a small package delivery service. I'm sure my neighbors pine over where I store all my goodies in my little shoebox of an apartment. But they can wonder all they want because I love every little "just because" package! So far Alowetta has sent me packages for January and February with trivia and various craft projects and puzzles too! And food is always a part of the packages. No one wants me to starve out here and they have made starving to death impossible. Mom's candy care packages have been a fav of my co-workers. Perhaps they don't know my name...but they know they can always find candy at my desk.

In other good news...MY MOMMY IS COMING TO VISIT ME!!!! I can hardly stand the anticipation. I can't wait to wow her with all my DC knowledge and city sensibility. She's gonna be impressed, I can tell already. She'll be here the last weekend of March for the Cherry Blossom Festival opening weekend. It promises to be one of the highlights of my year.

And for the clincher of the beginning of "my year"...I won $250 off a Super Bowl pool!!! I was sooooo excited! I had to work on Sunday at The Bucks and didn't get to watch the game. I completely forgot I bought a square in the office pool. The guy selling the squares tried to talk me into buying more than one sqaure but I told him, "It only takes one to win." Boy was I right! That one sqaure won for me not once, but twice!! I've NEVER considered myself to be lucky...but maybe 2007 IS my year.