Sunday, December 14, 2008

8 Things

I’ve been tagged by my cousin Melanie. Read em and weep.

8 Things I Did Today…

1. Slept in.

2. Cleaned my house.

3. Ate leftovers from my Friday night dinner with friends.

4. Put up a few last Christmas decorations.

5. Laundry.

6. Took a nap.

7. Watched football.

8. Talked to my BFF.

8 Of My Favorite Restaurants…

1. Leal's

2. El Rancho

3. Austin Grill

4. Houston's Woodmont Grille

5. Cotton Patch

6. Chick-fil-a

7. Fuddruckers

8. Rasika

8 Shows I Watch…

1. The Office

2. 48 Hours Mystery

3. What Not to Wear

4. Cash Cab

5. American Idol

6. Dateline

7. Reba

8. Meet the Press

8 Things I Wish For…

1. Financial Stability

2. A more exciting job. (But I'm very lucky I have one at all!)

3. A world free from from the "R" word.

4. Having a nice house, with nice things.

5. The motivation to start running again. (I'm with you on this one Melissa)

6. More direction in my life.

7. My IT department to not have blocked my IM at work.

8. A bigger closet.

8 Things I Look Forward To…

1. Christmas time with my family.

2. Eating some good home cooked meals when I go home.

3. Hearing Daven say, "Auntie Autumn, when can I see you again?"

4. One day being the boss.

5. Getting an island for my kitchen so I can bake more.

6. Watching my neices and nephew (and the other little ones in my family) grow up.

7. Possibly being domesticated one day.

8. Date nights.

Ok, now I have to tag eight people...hmmm...half the people I know have already done this, so if this inspires you to play along...go for it.